January Newsletter


Happy 2020 Om Baby Mamas, Papas, and Babies!!  Here is our first newsletter of 2020.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season whether still expecting, in the newborn period, or thriving as new parents.  And for those that have struggled in any way in 2019 through pregnancy, birth, or have experienced loss, we are thinking of you too.  You are never alone!!!

2019 was such a wonderful year for Om Baby!  With all of our classes nearly at capacity, the word is spreading.  It is thanks to you!  Please keep spreading the word of all our services.  Remember, for every referred yoga booking you get two free yoga classes.

2020 Classes

Beginning in 2020, for those willing, Om Baby would like to share a photo of each baby born on our Instagram and Facebook, a birth announcement if you will.  If interested, send a photo with whatever information you are willing to share.

All of our classes begin week 8.  Booking is already up.  As classes are small, it is important to book your spot before it’s gone.  Also beginning in February, Monica will be in house once a month offering massage during support group.  I will care for your baby while you get a few minutes to yourselves.  Booking is not up yet.  Don’t forget to book your spots in support group as they will fill up.

Support Groups

If you have not already, please join Om Baby Parents on Facebook.  It is a group driven by Om Baby alumni.  There are events and tons of support as well as excellent resources for your new family in Gothenburg.  If you are not already following Om Baby Facebook, please do as there are a lot of new courses and events upcoming in 2020.  And don’t forget about Om Baby’s Food Train for new or struggling parents.  We bring free meals to you!  All you need to do is sign up.  It’s under Om Baby’s Facebook Groups.  Om Baby meets the first Tuesday of every month for Birth Trauma Support and every other Tuesday for Parent Support.  Every Friday is Breastfeeding Support.  Details on our website.  Another excellent resource for those new to baby and parenting world is Gothenburg Parents

Postpartum Support

In April I will be heading to the Organization for Doulas in Sweden (ODIS) in Stockholm to give a talk and set fire to bringing postpartum support back.  Did you know that traditionally women in history have had someone to care for them the first many weeks after birth?  My dream with Om Baby is that one day every parent and new baby will have any and all support they need after birth.

Night Doula Support

Beginning in February, Doulas of Gothenburg are offering a Night Doula special for parents in need of a night or two of rest.  We arrive around 10 and stay with and care for your baby all night.  If you are exclusively breastfeeding, we bring baby to you for each feed.  If you are mixed bottle and breast, we can give your baby their dream feed and see to them during the night.  In the morning, when you and your partner wake up, you will wake to a tidy house and nice breakfast to start your day.  All of the Doulas of Gothenburg are both Infant CPR trained and Certified Postpartum Doulas through Om Baby.  This will book fast, so don’t hesitate.  Only 2000 kr!!

Lactation Support

Don’t forget that Om Baby offers private Lactation Consultations for any mama struggling with breastfeeding.  This can be anything from struggle with latch to pumping, weaning, breastfeeding strikes, and everything in between.  It can even mean deciding to end your breastfeeding journey.  We support you in any decision you make.  While breastfeeding is ideal, it does not make you a bad mother if you decide it is not working for you.  We help you come up with a plan that works best for you and your baby and support any and every feeding decision you desire.


Thanks to all that donated last year!  Om Baby will continue leading donation drives in conjunction with Doulas of Gothenburg.  We will begin taking donations again in Week 8.  You can drop your donations at Om Baby on the first Wednesday of every month.  You can also drop donations at Gos Butiken on Magasinsgatan.

Wishing each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year!  See you all in February.




December Newsletter

Hi everyone,
Lori here ❤  I am starting a new tradition of writing a monthly blog including all our upcoming events.  Here is a bit from our last newsletter of the year.
What a year!  So many new Om Babies and Parents!  Congratulations to you all and thank you for a wonderful year!!
Classes end Week 50 and resume Week 8.  If you have any classes to make up, you have two weeks left to do so 🙂  Booking for February will be up in mid January.
The last two Thursdays (Weeks 49 & 50), we will have Baby Yoga, 1115-1215.  This is for any Mommy & Me Yoga students wanting to make up as well as anyone wanting to join (400 kr).  Please book either way.
For those interested in Prenatal Yoga or Mommy & Me Yoga in January, I have a substitute booked week 2-5 on Mondays.  The booking link is up.  Please book your spot as soon as you know you will join as space is limited.  Our normal days and times will resume in February.
There is no Parent Support group next Tuesday, Dec 3rd.  Instead, it is our final Birth Stories (Birth Trauma Group) of the year.  December 10th is our final Parent Support Group.  If you are booked and will not join, please cancel your booking as there is a waiting list.
Last, but not least, here are our final courses and workshops of the year.  Details for each course or workshop are found under Om Baby Facebook’s event page.  Click below for details.
  • Belly Casting Workshop, December 3rd & 17th
  • Birth Preparation, December 5th & 12th
  • Breastfeeding Preparation, December 10th
  • Christmas Crafting, December 11th
Thank you all for a wonderful year!  Stay tuned for many new and exciting events at Om Baby in 2020 including Prenatal and Postpartum Retreats in collaboration with Doulas of Gothenburg as well as Massage Therapy services.  Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!!

Baby Barre

Pregnancy Ballet

Om Baby is super excited to announce Baby Barre, ballet class for the expectant and new mom  Classes start in the spring. Details coming soon!!

Join Lori as we explore the basics of ballet while preparing the body for delivery or restrengthen the body after birth. Lori, neonatal and postpartum nurse and founder of Om Baby, trained professionally with The Ailey School in New York City.  Join her in a fun and safe ballet class for the pregnant or postpartum body. Wear your baby to class 

Free Intro to Developmental Infant Massage


Join us next Tuesday, April 20, for a FREE introduction to Developmental Infant Massage.  This type of massage is best for babies around 8 weeks of age when there is better head and neck control.  Bring a towel and some oil and bask in the benefits of infant massage.  Massage benefits to baby include an increased breath capacity, better digestion, relief from colic, decreased stress hormones, increased happy hormones, and bonding time with mom or dad.

Tuesday, April 20th, 1500-1600



Spring Schedule


Hi everyone!  The spring schedule is now up with new classes added.  Beginning March 7th, we meet every Tuesday for Breastfeeding Support, Developmental Infant Massage, Mommy & Me Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga.  Space is limited so book your spot today!  In addition, we will be offering monthly Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding Preparation, and Infant/Child CPR courses.  Please note also that we will be meeting in a new location, Miraallén 39.  See you soon 🙂

Happy Holidays & Thank You!!!


Happy holidays, everyone!  Thank you so much for your support in Om Baby’s constant growth!  Together, we have created an amazing network for parents-to-be and new parents here in Gothenburg.  It’s been an honor to witness the blooming friendships and support you have become for one another.  I look forward to meeting you all again in 2017 and continuing our important work together.  All classes start back the first week of March.  Check back for the complete schedule and sign up in January.  I keep class sizes small for your benefit so as always-first come, first served.  God jul och gott nytt år!!



Fall Schedule


Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!  Looking forward to our fall classes ❤  Sign up now for Prenatal Yoga & Mom/Baby Yoga beginning Friday, August 5th.  The first class is always free.  Space is limited.  Sign up before July 1st and pay the reduced rate of 1500 kr for a 10 class card (regularly 2000 kr).


Mom/Baby Yoga 1500-1600

Prenatal Yoga 1615-1715

Yoga Treats, Kastellgatan 22


Infant & Child CPR


Do you know what to do in the unlikely, but frightening event that your baby or child is choking or stops breathing?  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential skill -essential for any parent, grandparent, babysitter, or caregiver.  We are excited to offer our first Infant  CPR class on Sunday, May 29th.  Learn from an expert.  Lori has worked over twelve years as a Registered Nurse (Legitimerad Sjuksköterska) in neonatal (newborn) intensive care and will guide you through the steps of CPR until you leave feeling comfortable and confidant.  The class follows both European Resuscitation Council and Swedish Resuscitation Council guidelines.  All participants will receive a completion card from The Swedish Resuscitation Council.  Fika is included.  Sign up soon as space is very limited.  We offer private instruction in the home or office as well.  Contact us for details.

May 29th, 13:00-16:00

Cost- Reduced rate of 600 kr (normally 795) per person

Course Includes:

  • CPR chain of Events
  • How & when to Alarm 112
  • Assessment of consciousness & breath
  • Proper opening of the airway
  • Mouth to mouth breathing (Rescue breathing)
  • Chest compressions
  • CPR in relation to choking
  • Placing a child in the rescue position





Developmental Baby Massage <3

FullSizeRender-38Hi Om Baby parents and caregivers!!!  It’s Lori checking in from London.  Hope you are all having a nice weekend!

Om Baby is growing in both numbers and services.  I see new faces in class almost every week and so enjoy watching bellies and babies grow.  I can’t thank you all enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I love most, teach.  We will soon be offering both Developmental Infant Massage classes and Newborn CPR classes (dates soon to be announced)!!

My background (for those who may not know) is in postpartum (30 day period after delivery of baby) and neonatal (newborn period) nursing.  I have worked as a nurse in these areas for the past twelve years both in the U.S. and Sweden.  In addition, I have certifications in prenatal and postnatal yoga.  I lovvvve what I do.  I love the babies, love the parents, love teaching.  Om Baby is my baby.

Om Baby was actually “conceived” out of the urging of friends here in Gothenburg that were pregnant or new parents.  I became (to my joy) their pregnancy and baby “consultant.”  It was at their suggestion that there was a need for pregnancy and baby services for English speaking expats that I started.  My students come from all over the world as well as right here in Sweden.  I can’t thank you all enough for supporting this endeavour and for those who show up every week despite being sleep deprived or with a crying baby.

I have been planning to blog here since I started Om Baby back in October.  This weekend has been so inspiring that I thought there was no better time than now to start.  I am spending the weekend here in London where I am taking a teacher certification course in developmental baby massage.  I just walked in the door to my hotel room and could not wait to share a little of my amazing day with you!


Close contact between mom, dad, and baby is as important as food and shelter.  Skin to skin contact should start right at birth whether you deliver your baby
naturally or by caesarean section.  You can begin introducing your baby to his/her
belly and gentle “massage” as soon as shortly after birth.  Early tummy time encourages your baby to breathe more deeply, stretches and strengthens the back and neck, soothes the tummy, and above all is relaxing.

Skin to skin in the operating room right after delivery ❤

Around 8 to 10 weeks of age, developmental infant massage can be introduced.  It is a weekly class that is designed to relax and bond mom/dad and baby, soothe a colicky baby, encourage flexibility of the hips and shoulders, and encourage opening and strengthening of the spine that leads to sitting and eventually standing.  A four week commitment is highly recommended to see the benefit.

Stay tuned for our updated schedule and please share with your friends (expats and natives alike)!!  I teach classes in English but speak Swedish and often add a sprinkle of Swedish here and there.  Again, thank you all for your support!!




Infant CPR (HLR)


Coming soon to Om Baby!!  Infant CPR in English!!  Learn a life saving skill that you and anyone caring for your baby should know.  Taught by a baby nurse with years of experience in infant CPR.