Doulas of Gothenburg

Doulas of Gothenburg


What is a Doula?

A doula is usually, but not always, a woman that supports parents-to-be before, during, and after birth through physical support, emotional support, and comprehensive education.  We are Doulas of Gothenburg, a group of English, Swedish, Spanish, and French speaking ladies that are passionate about supporting parents through the birth of their baby and the days after.  We believe in mothering the parents.  We are here for you whenever you need us ❤


Labor Doula Support

Doula Saga


Saga, born and raised in Sweden, wants your birth to be a strong and beautiful experience where strength, love, and your baby (above all) are the focus.  She is there for you, your partner, and baby before, during, and after birth.  She strongly believes in a woman’s ability to birth her baby and that every birth  has the potential to be the biggest and most lovely moment in life.  She has years of experience with both home and hospital birth.  She has two children of her own and though they are now teenagers, they will always be her babies.  She is married to the love of her life and lives here in central Gothenburg.

Doula Saga

Klara, The Equilibrium Doula

IMG_8255Klara, Labor Doula, has worked within education for the last ten years and prior to this worked as a flight attendant.  She has always worked in rolls where care of people is primary, safety and the ability to work under pressure are paramount.  In her own words, “birth can be unpredictable, no labour is the same.  As a doula, my most important task is to be the protector of your birth experience, so what ever route birth takes, you get a sense of fullfilment from what you have achieved.”  Klara, a native English speaker, is also fluent in Swedish.

The Equilibrium Doula

Georgia, Brainwave Birthing


I am a doula, neuroscientist and mum of two.  I strongly believe in the power of the mind to enable you to have the best possible birth experience.  With my background in brain research as well as doula training with Conscious Birthing, I can help you train your brain to relax, to let go of fears, to reframe any negative associations of birth to allow you feel positive, calm and prepared for the upcoming birth. During labour I will provide continuous care and use a range of techniques to help you feel comfortable and to align with the rhythms of the birthing process, but perhaps more importantly, I am there to advocate for you, the birthing mother, to support your choices and allow your voice to be heard. Postpartum, I can help you look after your mental health (and advise you when you might need more help) and to ease the transition into family life.  I am a native English speaker with reasonable Swedish.

Brainwave Birthing

Postpartum Doula Support


IMG_8212What is a Postpartum Doula?  A Postpartum Doula is an indvidual with expertise in basic newborn care, breastfeeding, and care of the new family in the postpartum (after birth) period.  Lori, Postpartum Doula & Nurse,  believes it truly takes a village to support the new family.  Her passion is mothering the parents and supporting them in any way possible.  She comes to your home for several hours a week for a minimum of the first four weeks after birth.  She brings her years of expertise in both newborn and postpartum nursing to guide new parents through the challenges and joys that a newborn brings.  Light housecleaning (dishes, laundry) included.  This is the perfect gift for your Baby Shower wish list ❤  For details and booking, message Lori.  Lori is a native English speaker that is fluent in Swedish as well.

400 kr/hour