Breastfeeding Clinic & Home Visits

 Breastfeeding Support

Book your appointment today with Lori, Om Baby’s IBCLC.  An IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) holds the highest level of expertise in the field of breastfeeding.  An IBCLC can help any time in the breastfeeding journey from birth to weaning and everything in between.  Booking a private consultation prenatally will arm you with the skills and knowledge to begin your breastfeeding journey as well as identify any potential problems.  Once you and your baby are home, a clinic visit will cover all the basics of breastfeeding while coming up with an individual plan for you and your baby as well as trouble shooting any difficulties.  Follow up visits give you continued individual support through any challenges that come up along your journey ❤  Included in your visit is an individual plan of care for you and your baby as well as unlimited support via SMS for two weeks following your visit.



Prenatal Consultation-1500 kr per hour  (1 hour)   

Intitial Consultation-1500 kr per hour (1-2 hours)

Follow Up Visits-1500 kr per hour (1 hour)

Postpartum Nurse Visits

138956180_2819568021706524_4052405757433356043_nHow can a postpartum nurse visit help you?  The first couple of months after birth are a beautiful, but challenging period.  Support is key for new parents.  A home visit can be just what is needed to get on the right path navigating your new life together.  Set up your visits when you are sent home from the  hospital or within days of your home birth.  Learn all about normal newborn feeding, sleep, behavior, and care.  Find support in the postpartum period through education and support in postpartum nutrition, healing, and sleep. 



One Day-1500 kr (2 Hour Visit)

Two Days-3000 kr (2 Hour Visit)

Three Days-4000 kr (2 Hour Visit)

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