Classes & Services

Birth Preparation Class 


Birth preparation class is a 6 hour class taught in a small group setting or privately in your home.  It is a class designed to prepare the expectant parents for labor and delivery and the early days thereafter.



Class Highlights:

  • Recognizing Birth as a Natural Process
  • Signs of Labor
  • Stages of Labor
  • Breath in Labor
  • Positioning during labor & delivery
  • Hormones of labor
  • Basics of Breastfeeding
  • Benefits of Skin to Skin
  • Basic Newborn Care & Safety

Group cost-2500 kr per couple, 1000 per person.  Please note, you only need to book once.  Booking once automatically reserves your spot for both days.  The class is the second and third Thursday of every month.  Private cost -4000 kr.  All classes are nonrefundable, but can be made up within one month if missed.  24 hour cancellation required.

Breastfeeding Preparation

A 2 hour class taught in a small group setting designed to teach the parents-to-be about the basics of breastfeeding.  Learn the benefits of breastfeeding to both mom and baby, essentials of proper positioning, proper latch, and troubleshooting in the early days.  Partners are strongly encouraged to attend.


Cost- 400 per couple.  Fika included.


Prenatal Guided Breathing & Meditation Workshop

IMG_9117Research shows that mindfulness and meditation during pregnancy reduces anxiety , depression, and stress, improves immune function, decreases pain during labor, and has a positive effect on infant development.  In this workshop, learn the benefits of breath and meditation during pregnancy as well as for labor and how.  Take with you a practice you can repeat daily in preparation for labor. Leave feeling renewed. The workshop ends with fika.

Cost- 300 kr per person

Restorative Prenatal Workshop


In this Restorative Prenatal Workshop, you will be guided through a deeply relaxing and nourishing practice for the prenatal body.  Learn to tap into the rest and restore part of your brain.  With the help of props, you will be able to find relaxation, comfort, pain relief, and a quieting of the senses that allow you to connect deeply with your baby. Take home tools to help you relax in preparation for the journey to meet your baby.

Cost- 300 kr per person

Daddy Doula Workshop


This workshop is for fathers-to-be. Are you curious how you can support your partner through the labor process? A doula is a labor support person or coach (non medical) that helps the expectant mama both emotionally and physically through the labor process.  Join us and gain some extremely effective hands on techniques for helping her through this journey to meet your baby. This workshop is an excellent addition to our Birth Preparation class or on its own. Bring your partner, become a daddy doula.

Cost-400 per couple.  Fika included.  

Postpartum Nurse Home Visit


What is a Postpartum Nurse?  A Postpartum Nurse is a nurse that has specialized in the care of the new mom and new baby in the early weeks/months after birth.  First days at home with your baby? Need support? Book a Postpartum visit with Lori 💗. Get help with feeding, giving your baby a bath, learn basic newborn care and safety.  Learn how to care for yourself in the days following your birth.  Learn signs of infection, depression, and warning signs for yourself in the postpartum period.  Learn how to care for  your stitches or incision.  Have all your questions answered.

Cost-1000 kr per hour

Postpartum Doula Support

IMG_8212What is a Postpartum Doula?  A Postpartum Doula is an indvidual with expertise in basic newborn care, breastfeeding, and care of the new family in the postpartum (after birth) period.  The doula comes to your home for several hours a week for a minimum of the first four weeks after birth.  Light housecleaning (dishes, laundry) included.  This is the perfect gift for your Baby Shower wish list ❤

Recommended Package:  8 hours a week for four weeks

Cost-12,800 kr


 Parent Support Group


Parent Support is a FREE weekly support group for new moms and dads. Each week we will cover a baby or mama (postpartum) related topic followed by an open discussion. Come with any problems or questions and share your experience with other parents. Find support in others.  Bring cookies or fruit to share.

Cost-FREE. Bring your babe, bring a healthy contribution to lunch

 Prenatal Yoga 


Why Prenatal Yoga?  Prenatal Yoga allows new and seasoned yoga students to practice yoga for the pregnant body in a safe, modified environment.  The benefits of prenatal yoga are endless from relief of insomnia and anxiety, to increased circulation, reduced swelling of the extremities, and increased breathing capacity.   Learn positioning specific for the labor and delivery process.  The gift of yoga to the expectant mother is the tool of breath control which is essential in the labor process.    Prenatal yoga, above all, gives the expectant mama the opportunity to bond deeply with her baby.  It also creates a network of support.  Meet other expectant moms and find friends for life


Mommy & Me Yoga


Beginning around six weeks after natural childbirth or a little longer for cesarean birth (midwife discretion), we offer Mom/Baby yoga.  The focus is on gently restrengthening and energizing the body following birth-with emphasis on the pelvic floor, back, and abdominal muscles.  Find renewal and restoration post birth here.  Babies (pre crawl) are welcome and included in the class.  Classes are taught in English.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is designed for the sole purpose of relaxation.  The focus is on the breath and gentle, passive opening of the body.  It is the perfect way for the new mom or dad to destress.  The class taps into the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system.  It is like a massage for the brain.  Classes are taught in English.


Gentle Flow Yoga


Gentle Flow combines both the intensity of a traditional Hatha Yoga class with a sprinkle of restorative poses, breath work, and focus on relief from day to day 21st century ailments.   This is the perfect class for the new parent to destress.  Lori teaches with a love for alignment, safety, and a light heart.  Classes are taught in English.


Infant & Child CPR in English


Do you know what to do in the unlikely, but frightening event that your baby or child is choking or stops breathing?  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential skill -essential for any parent, grandparent, babysitter, or caregiver.  Learn from an expert.  Lori has worked over twelve years as a Registered Nurse (Legitimerad Sjuksköterska) in neonatal (newborn) intensive care and will guide you through the steps of CPR until you leave feeling comfortable and confidant.  All participants will receive a certificate of completion.  We offer private instruction in the home or office as well.  Contact us for details.

Cost-700 kr per person.  All classes are nonrefundable, but can be made up within 2 months if missed.  24 hour cancellation required.    

 Developmental Infant Massage Course

IMG_1518.bwThe Developmental Infant Massage course is a four week, one hour a week class where you learn to massage your baby in a way that encourages baby’s growth and development.  Designed by expert, Peter Walker, a physical therapist with over 35 years of experience teaching infant massage to both parents and professionals the world over, the class offers many benefits for your baby.   Learn to soothe and calm your baby while gently stretching and strengthening your baby’s body in preparation for sitting, standing, and walking.  Learn also the most essential element of tummy time.  This course is best beginning after 8 weeks of age until your baby begins to crawl.

Cost-400 kr

Mum-to-mum Coaching 


Mum to Mum coaching are monthly sessions led by Emely Mösko, both professional and mom. This is for both new moms and moms-to-be. Emely has a background in psychology and has been working in the field of coaching, supervising and facilitation for more than 10 years. In her words….

“I know it’s tough to be a mom sometimes, especially when living abroad and not having the usual supportive environment around you. We often feel exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed, helpless… And all it would take sometimes to make us feel better is someone listening, someone that knows exactly how we feel.  That’s why I started the mum to mum coaching. It’s an opportunity to talk, ask questions, get support, share experiences or just to get to know other mums and mingle. Mum to mum coaching is a structured and highly efficient concept on how to get support and ideas from different perspectives within a very short time (max 30 min). You can either present “your case” and ask the other mums for advice or you can support the brainstorming and consultation process. Topics can be anything and everything concerning your actual role as a mum.”

Cost-100 kr, fika included.  

Do Rei Mi for Infants


In this music and movement class you and your baby will engage in the Kodaly approach to early music learning. You will learn music through sound, singing, hand signs and musical instruments. The Kodaly approach is based on child-development sequences to music learning.  The class is lead by Susanne Garvis, a professor of early childhood education. She has previously worked in Australia before moving to Sweden. Susanne has extensive experience as a preschool teacher and has worked with infants/toddlers, their families and teachers to foster positive learning and development. She is also a Mum who is passionate about early education.

Cost-150 kr,  fika included

Lullaby Baby

IMG_6980-1Lullaby Baby is a class for Mom or Dad and baby where we sing traditional and new lullabies in English.  Babies of all ages welcome!  Sing along with us, meet other parents, and enjoy fika.

Cost-100 kr, fika included

Baby Sign


Baby sign is a fun way to communicate with your baby before they can speak. You can start signing to your baby from 4 months of age. Babies and infants are able to communicate emotions, gestures and desires from 9-12 months of age. Research suggests it is an effective way to develop a child bond, reduce frustration around communication and increase the richness of linguistic diversity. In this workshop you will learn about basic gestures for routines to baby sign.  The class is lead by Susanne Garvis, a professor of early childhood education. She has previously worked in Australia before moving to Sweden. Susanne has extensive experience as a preschool teacher and has worked with infants/toddlers, their families and teachers to foster positive learning and development. She is also a Mum who is passionate about early education.

Cost-225 per person, fika included.  

Make Time

Make Time is an  arts and crafts session for mom and baby. Conceived and Guided by Lydia, an arts educator and mother of two, Make Time is a time to explore your creative side with your baby. Lydia holds an MA in Arts Education, and has taught all ages in art in the US, Mexico, Belgium and Sweden.  Experiment with new materials and techniques while making something fun with or for your baby.  Appropriate for pre crawling infants.

Cost-150 kr, fika included.  





Please note:  Once paid, all classes are nonrefundable, but can be made up within a month.  24 cancellation notice required.  Mamaste ❤



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