“We had a birth preparation with Klara for the arrival of our first baby and it was amazing. She explained everything with calmness and she listened to all our fears and questions. She made us feel understood and she gave us all the information we need to welcoming our baby. Absolutely suggested!”


“Lori is just the best. She helped me with my breastfeeding problems super quickly! Now I can enjoy my baby I also really appreciate that she was there for me during those days I felt I was not alone and that is really important for a new mammy who knows nothing.”


“I do not know what I would do without Om Baby as a newmom and a newbie in Gothenburg! It is beyond offering high quality classes, you are also welcomed by an amazing group of international moms. I attended Mommy&me yoga, infant massage class, weekly support groups and several workshops. It is my go to place to enjoy activities with my 6months old. Highly reccomended!”


“I’ve attended mommy & me yoga, gentle flow yoga as well as the regular parent support groups and baby workshops. Om Baby classes are varied (from baby sign language to yoga) and fantastic for new moms like me during mammaledig. As a newbie in Gothenburg, I was grateful I could find classes in English and I even found a great community of parents on the same journey as we are. Lori is an incredibly talented, knowledgable and wonderful person in general. Highly highly recommend!”


“I went to both baby massage and CPR for babies and infants with Lori and I really enjoyed it! Lori is a wonderful teacher and I can highly recommend Om Baby!”


“I attended the breastfeeding class with Lori. It was really informative and we had time to ask all of our questions. It was great to hear about all the ways to trouble shoot, prevent and find solutions to breastfeeding problems. I feel much more confident now.”


“I have done prenatal yoga, birth preparation class, the cpr course for baby and infants, baby and mom yoga and baby massage with Lori. I loved all the courses and I would highly recommend them to everyone.”


“I attended Lori’s CPR class and it was really helpful. There was no rushing through the content, but Lori made sure everyone felt ok with the different steps. After studying the theory, it was great to be able to practise with the dolls. Also, it was nice the class was in English. I hope nothing will happen, but I feel much more comfortable knowing some basic CPR for children.”


“I feel much more confident that I would know what to do if anything terrible was to happen to one of my children. Lori explained clearly what we needed to do, and had the relevant equipment for us to practice what we were learning about infant/child CPR. It was also great that I was able to do this in English, so there was definitely no misunderstanding and I was even able to do this with my six week old baby there as Lori made me feel very welcome.”


“A really informative and well taught infant/pediatric CPR course! Lori was great at explaining things clearly step by step, answered any questions we had and gave us plenty of time to practice with certified CPR dolls (infant and child size). Wonderful chance to have an experienced teacher who has been working as a NICU nurse in both the US and Sweden for years! Feeling confident in my CPR skills now!”


“On Sun. May 17th we had our first baby.  She is so delicate and small.  And we, as first-time parents, were so afraid of everything that could happen to her.  Lori is our guardian angel.  After two days in hospital, we arrived home and invited Lori to pay us a visit. She gave us the most valuable advice of how to take care of our precious little darling. Most importantly, Lori gave us peace of mind. Her professional opinions, a result of many years of caring for premature babies, are so useful before and after birth and during first days of taking care of your little one. Especially since we didn’t have our parents by our side, Lori is our saviour.  During my wife’s pregnancy, Lori’s yoga exercises were amazing.  Her breathing techniques helped my wife to have a smooth labor without the need for epidural.  After birth, Lori’s every little advice was a life saver.  I cannot express my depth of gratitude for all of her help.”


“Lori is a wonderful and patient yoga teacher. She makes sure every moment is lived at its fullest and most importantly does that with a smile. Her yoga practice happens to fit my needs and nature quite well and I could see the improvements already after a few classes. The pace during practice allowed me to focus on my body more than any other classes I have taken and after a while I found myself able to almost “meditate” and let go of all the worries.
I truly recommend her!”

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