Weekly Classes & Booking

Weekly Classes & Booking

Fall  2022 Schedule Weeks  43-49 (No Classes Week 44)


Developmental Baby Massage, 1000-1100

4 Sessions

Cost 400 kr

Baby & Me Yoga Tuesdays, 1115-1215

6  Sessions

1200 kr (600 online)

Parent Group, 1230-1330


Prenatal Yoga, 1700-1800

6 Sessions

1200 kr (600 online)


Birth Stories Support Group, 1100-1200

8 Sessions


Gentle Flow Yoga, 1700-1800

6 Sessions

1200 kr (600 online)


Please note, any classes missed during a term do not carry over to the next, but can be made up in another class within the same term or via our private FB group.  In the event of cancellation of any other classes, students can make up the same class within 3 months.  In the event the teacher must cancel, a full refund will be made to the student. In the event that Covid numbers worsen, we will switch to online.

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