Developmental Baby Massage <3

FullSizeRender-38Hi Om Baby parents and caregivers!!!  It’s Lori checking in from London.  Hope you are all having a nice weekend!

Om Baby is growing in both numbers and services.  I see new faces in class almost every week and so enjoy watching bellies and babies grow.  I can’t thank you all enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I love most, teach.  We will soon be offering both Developmental Infant Massage classes and Newborn CPR classes (dates soon to be announced)!!

My background (for those who may not know) is in postpartum (30 day period after delivery of baby) and neonatal (newborn period) nursing.  I have worked as a nurse in these areas for the past twelve years both in the U.S. and Sweden.  In addition, I have certifications in prenatal and postnatal yoga.  I lovvvve what I do.  I love the babies, love the parents, love teaching.  Om Baby is my baby.

Om Baby was actually “conceived” out of the urging of friends here in Gothenburg that were pregnant or new parents.  I became (to my joy) their pregnancy and baby “consultant.”  It was at their suggestion that there was a need for pregnancy and baby services for English speaking expats that I started.  My students come from all over the world as well as right here in Sweden.  I can’t thank you all enough for supporting this endeavour and for those who show up every week despite being sleep deprived or with a crying baby.

I have been planning to blog here since I started Om Baby back in October.  This weekend has been so inspiring that I thought there was no better time than now to start.  I am spending the weekend here in London where I am taking a teacher certification course in developmental baby massage.  I just walked in the door to my hotel room and could not wait to share a little of my amazing day with you!


Close contact between mom, dad, and baby is as important as food and shelter.  Skin to skin contact should start right at birth whether you deliver your baby
naturally or by caesarean section.  You can begin introducing your baby to his/her
belly and gentle “massage” as soon as shortly after birth.  Early tummy time encourages your baby to breathe more deeply, stretches and strengthens the back and neck, soothes the tummy, and above all is relaxing.

Skin to skin in the operating room right after delivery ❤

Around 8 to 10 weeks of age, developmental infant massage can be introduced.  It is a weekly class that is designed to relax and bond mom/dad and baby, soothe a colicky baby, encourage flexibility of the hips and shoulders, and encourage opening and strengthening of the spine that leads to sitting and eventually standing.  A four week commitment is highly recommended to see the benefit.

Stay tuned for our updated schedule and please share with your friends (expats and natives alike)!!  I teach classes in English but speak Swedish and often add a sprinkle of Swedish here and there.  Again, thank you all for your support!!




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